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Power Transformer Repairs

Repairing a power transformer with a rating of 33/11 kV involves several important steps and considerations. Here's some related content to help you understand the process:

1. Transformer Overview:

- A power transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between different voltage levels.

- The rating "33/11 kV" indicates that the transformer has a primary (high-voltage) side rated at 33 kV and a secondary (low-voltage) side rated at 11 kV.

2. Preliminary Inspection:

- Before repairing a power transformer, a thorough inspection should be conducted to assess the extent of the damage or fault.

- Inspect the transformer for physical damage, oil leaks, burnt components, loose connections, or any other visible signs of malfunction.

3. Isolation and Safety:

- Ensure the transformer is de-energized and isolated from the power source before starting any repair work.

- Follow proper safety procedures, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, and insulating clothing.

4. Fault Diagnosis:

- Identify the specific fault or issue with the transformer, such as short-circuits, open circuits, winding faults, or insulation breakdown.

- Use specialized testing equipment like insulation testers, turns ratio testers, and power factor meters to diagnose the problem accurately.

5. Repairing Procedures:

- Repair or replace faulty components such as windings, insulation, tap changers, bushings, or cooling systems.

- Clean or replace contaminated or degraded insulating oil, ensuring it meets the required specifications.

- Repair or replace damaged connections and busbars, ensuring proper electrical conductivity.

6. Testing and Commissioning:

- After repairing the transformer, perform comprehensive testing to ensure its proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.

- Conduct tests such as turns ratio, insulation resistance, winding resistance, impedance, and partial discharge tests.

- Once the transformer passes all the tests, it can be commissioned and put back into service.

7. Maintenance and Monitoring:

- Implement a regular maintenance schedule for the transformer to prevent future issues and ensure optimal performance.

- Regularly monitor key parameters such as temperature, oil levels, cooling system efficiency, and insulation condition.

- Periodically conduct diagnostic tests to detect any potential problems at an early stage.

Technical Specification and Product Range
# Capacity(MVA) Voltage Class(KV)
1 1 33KV/11KV
2 2 33KV/11KV
3 3 33KV/11KV
4 4 33KV/11KV
5 5 33KV/11KV
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Jeffery Marshall
Founder & Ceo
We are pleased to receive our transformer within time and energize our factory. Thank you True Power, keep it up.
Jeffery Marshall
Founder & Ceo
We recently replaced our earlier distribution transformer with True Power’s Transformer and were surprised to see a drastic cut in our electricity bills. Thanks True Power for manufacturing and supplying genuine transformers.
Jeffery Marshall
Founder & Ceo
Your solution of installing Isolation transformer before our load has provided us a real solace from regular breakdowns and heavy servicing costs.
Jeffery Marshall
Founder & Ceo
Thank you for giving immediate attention to our service needs and making us run our factory within 2 days of reporting our complaint. We are highly obliged.
Jeffery Marshall
Founder & Ceo
Glad to install your voltage transformers and save our several machines from being burnt as earlier our protection systems were ineffective and relays were not tripping to protect the system but now they are working fine.
Jeffery Marshall
Founder & Ceo
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